French-American, left-handed, 21 year old graphic designer with a background in fine arts. I have experience as a graphic design intern at DreamCrew (Drake's creative team) and 10K Projects (an LA-based record label), and wish to continue working in the music or entertainment industry. I have experience leading a design team thanks to my experience working for Lucid Monday and wish to produce more editorial work. I also am interested in experience/immersive design and would love to explore that further in my career. 
Growing up doing mostly fine arts and drawing (a lot!), I keep with me a love for illustration and I let it inform my design work. Other interests include linguistics anthropology, music history, linguistics, and anything horror and macabre!💀🕷❤️
10K Projects
Lucid Monday
Omerta LTD
You can find me on instagram:  @vantablaak
or email me at:
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